Fresh Mascot 2.0 Review and Bonuses

What is Fresh Mascot 2.0? Fresh Mascot 2.0 is 217+ collections of unique layers where the subscribers just have to do the point and click. So easy and no burden at all. You can Create Your Own Mascot in 30 Seconds. See the video review below here

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Here is thousands of top marketers like you create a pro looking mascot character in 30 seconds.

Why should you care?

Statistic sales of mascot creator bundle in JVZoo stated, this product has been used by thousands of top marketers like you. And, Fresh Mascot 2.0 (mascot creator edition) present with the new face and featured by hundreds of unique layers ready to be used.

The world top marketers like you often using mascot creator for:

  • To create more unique your marketing video that you created by Video Maker FX, Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, VideoMotion, etc.
  • Mascot Creator often used as website/corporation logo, also to create the avatar of a social media and banner ads.
  • Mascot creator will makes your stationary project more appealing.
  • You can make a unique presentation and steal all of audiences’ attention.
  • Mobile Apps, printed project, etc..

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Fresh Mascot 2.0 preview

This is the reasons why top marketers like you can create their own mascot character in 30 seconds:

  • 217+ brand new layers, unique, and done for you graphic. All you have to do just point and click. It’s so easy, right?
  • Exclusive PSD Photoshop file on HD resolution. You just have to export to get the best picture quality.
  • Gimp XCF file on HD Resolution: Agus Sakti has provided special format (Gimp XCF) just in case your PC didn’t support Adobe Photoshop.
  • 2 awesome background on front end and 8 top background with HD resolution on back offer (PSD file). This is the secret why top marketers are able to increase their sales conversion by making the marketing video.
  • Transparent PNG on 100%, 30% and 15% in resolution. It will helps you to create a mascot character in every design software.
  • Tutorial video: You will be guided by Agus Sakti how to create a mascot character in 30 seconds using Fresh Mascot 2.0.
  • Developer license is available in back end offer.

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How To Do Market Research For Your First Information Product

One of the critical mistakes which internet marketers make is creating an information product that nobody wants to buy or where there are no buyers. All the time spent creating the information product is wasted. This is why it is critical to do market research for your information product.



When you’re doing research, you are looking for several things:

1.  How popular and how big is the market you are selling to

2.  Are there already similar, existing products that are selling well

3.  Did the market say they wanted this product?

4.    Can you create additional products targeting the same number of customers?

The above points are extremely important because they will determine how much money you will make in the long run. This is how successful online businesses are built.

Once you know that the information product you’re creating is in-demand, you can go full steam ahead and create it.

So how do you do market research for your information product?

There are 3 ways which I recommend:

1.    Forums

Go to forums related to the information product which you have in mind. If you’re writing an ebook on how to build biceps, you’ll want to visit weight lifting and health and fitness forums.

In the forums look at the number of threads with people asking how to get bigger biceps. If you find that it’s a popular topic and that many members are looking for a solution, then you’ve got a winner!

2. Online Market Research – Google Adwords

You will know if a product will sell well based on the number of products that are already on the online market. If there isn’t a demand for that information product then there won’t be so many entrepreneurs creating those products, right?

A good way to do this is to type in your niche in Google. You should see several blocks of text on the right of the normal listings.

These are called Adwords. They are advertisements which people are paying per click for. They normally sell a product or service that is related to what is typed in the search engine.

Take a look at these ads and see how many similar information products are being advertised.

If you don’t see any products similar to yours, then it’s a good sign that there’s no market for it.

3. Online Market Research – Clickbank

Clickbank is the biggest marketplace for digital products. You can to to and take a look to see what digital products are  being sold.

The same criteria applies here. If you find a lot of products that is similar to the one you want to create, then it’s a sure sign that there are many buyers for that product.

There are also many tools which you can use such as Keyword Research Tools and site analysis websites. However, you don’t want to complex things.

Using the 3 methods above is more than enough to determine the popularity of your information product and how many people will want to buy it. Know how to do online market research is very important and should be done for every information product that you create.

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